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Below you will find our minor release forms for piercings.

If you are a minor looking to get pierced, that is no problem! You need to bring a state issued ID for both your legal guardian or parent and minor to your piercing appointment even if our minor piercing form is notarized elsewhere. If an ID for the minor is not available, the minor's original birth certificate may substitute; a copy may not. You may get the minor piercing release form notarized at any UPS store or your bank. 

If we for any reason feel that the adult that is bringing in the minor is NOT the legal guardian or parent, we have the right to refuse to pierce the minor. 

For any piercing of a minor, a parent or legal guardian must be present to sign a consent form. Proof positive, state issued photo identification is required from the legal guardian, and a bona fide form of identification from the minor. In the event the parent has a different last name and/or address from the child, court documentation is needed to prove the relationship, i.e., divorce papers, or a remarriage certificate.

Please see Age Restriction list to make sure that the minor is able to get whichever piercing they are wanting to get.

Age Restrictions for Minor Piercings:

We CAN NOT pierce the following on any person under 18 year of age:

Monroe - lip - labret - genitals - industrials - tongue - nipples

We CAN pierce the following within the stated ages:

AGE 12:


AGE 13:

Above, plus Outer Cartilage

AGE 15:

Above, plus Nostril

AGE 16:

Above, plus Inner Ear Cartilage, Navel, Eyebrow, Septum

Due to insurance reasons within the state of Florida, Psychedelic Shack chooses not to pierce any person under the age of 12.

Minor Piercing Release Form

Minor Tapering Release Form

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